Salesforce Admin Training in Rajajinagar:

Learn Salesforce admin training in Rajajinagar from experts in training industry. We are the best Salesforce admin training institute in Rajajinagar, Bangalore and we hold the pride of placing more than 7500+ students in top MNC’s. One of the leading cloud computing platform as per the trend is Salesforce that started its journey with CRM tool on a software as a service concept in which the customers were not necessary to buy or install any software or hardware at the premises. Salesforce works on mulch tenant architecture wherein the customer share the common pool of resource hosted at the Salesforce end.

Salesforce charges its customer as per user basis which is actually beneficial for small organizations. From the scratch in 1999 Salesforce has reached greater heights and now developed new platform named which has the capability to create new web application. It is also getting into the domain, etc., It also got great implicitly towards the social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter long with chatter s their own collaborative tool. Hence it is a fast growing cloud computing platform in the market.

We make sure that our Salesforce admin training in Rajajinagar will give you to keep up with the trend and give a better exposure to your profile. We hold the No. 1 Salesforce admin training institute in Rajajinagar, Bangalore for the professionally crafted syllabus from industry work professional guidance. Thus we provide best Salesforce admin training in Rajajinagar branches Velachery, OMR and in Tambaram.

Get trained on Salesforce admin training in Rajajinagar location from industry experts:

Learn the Salesforce admin training in Rajajinagar, Bangalore at Besant technologies from beginner level to advance level from experienced working professionals.

After finishing this Salesforce admin training in Rajajinagar, Bangalore Besant technologies branches, students got placed in various top companies. We also have specialized team to give you job assistance for Salesforce admin training in Rajajinagar, Bangalore Besant technologies branches. Training Syllabus(Total Duration-30hrs)

Module 1: Introduction (Duration-2hrs)

  • Cloud Computing & its Models.
  • What is
  • Evolution and Products
  • Different Editions in
  • How to sign up for Developer Edition.

Module 2: Getting Your Organization Ready for Users (Duration-2hrs)

  •  Set up the company profile
  • Configure the user interface
  • Configure search settings
  • Set up Chatter

Module 3: Security and Data Access (Duration-4hrs)

  •  Restrict logins
  • Determine object access
  • Set up record access
  • Manage record access with the role hierarchy
  • Deal with record access exceptions
  • Manage field-level security

Module 4: Managing Data (Duration-3hrs)

  • Data Loader v/s Import wizards
  • Import new records using import wizards
  • Update existing records with the data loader
  • Upsert operation, Export and Export All
  • Mass transfer records between users
  • Back up data with a weekly export
  • Mass delete records

Module 5: Automation (Duration-5hrs)

  • Manage Email Administration
  • Set up workflow rules and Approval Processes
  • Automate Leads and Cases

Module 6: Getting Around the App (Duration-3hrs)

  • Understand the data model and navigation
  • Find answers in Help & Training
  • Rollup summary & Cross object formula.

Module 7: Setting Up and Managing Users (Duration-2hrs)

  • Manage user profiles
  • Create and manage users
  • Troubleshoot user login issues
  • Set up Chatter Free and Chatter external users.

Module 8: Customization: Fields  (Duration-3hrs)

  • Administer standard fields
  • Create new custom fields
  • Create selection fields: picklists and lookups
  • Create Formula Fields
  • Work with Page Layouts
  • Work with Record Types and Business Processes
  • Maintain Data Quality

Module 9: Reports and Dashboards (Duration-4hrs)

  • Run and modify reports
  • Create new reports with the report builder
  • Filter reports
  • Summarize Report Data
  • Bucket Fields in Reports
  • Print, Export, Scheduling and Email Reports
  • Build Dashboards
  • Adding Dashboards in Home Page

Module 10: More Administration (Duration-2hrs)

  • Queues
  • Public Groups