R Programming Training in Rajajinagar:

We at besant technologies provide best in class R programming training in Rajajinagar, Bangalore location. We always hold the pride of provides corporate level standard training for all the courses. For R programming training in Rajajinagar, Bangalore, we  have 3+ dedicated working professional trainers available in flexible timing to provide you high standard of R programming training in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. We hold the No. 1 R programming training institute in Rajajinagar, Bangalore for the professionally crafted syllabus from industry work professional guidance. Thus we provide best R programming training in Rajajinagar, Bangalore  branches  BTM Layout, Marathahalli, Jaya Nagar and Kalyan Nagar.

What is R PROGRAMMING and how it can be user-friendly ?

R application was first established in the year of 1993 based on the first letter of the two R authors (Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka).

R is an application programming used for the computation of statistical, analytical and graphical phase. It is a simple programming language and an open-source with effective credibility and has no pre-requisitions like other applications. R application language looks beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way and can be learnt in a easier way to understand.

Basic programming terminologies should be known for better understanding of R programming. R works with the combination of other data management tools like excel, access, Oracle, sql server which makes it a powerful tool.

Why R programming training?

R programming along with an essentials skill of statistics can help us to have a great career in data Analytics. R is also widely used tool in many big firms like top Banks, IT, Retail, Healthcare, Pharma, Supply chain and logistics firms.

Big data analytics can be done with the help of R programming in a short period of time with effortless.

R programing is free software package and due to the heavy shortage of R programmers in the markets,it provides a lot of opportunities for programmers in a markets to build their carrier with R programming.


Introduction to R

  • What is R?
  • Why R?
  • Installing R
  • R environment
  • How to get help in R
  • R console and Editor

Understanding R data structure

  • Variables in R
  • Scalars
  • Vectors
  • Matrices
  • List
  • Data frames
  • Using c, Cbind,Rbind, attach and detach functions in R
  • Factors

Importing data

  • Reading Tabular Data files
  • Reading CSV files
  • Importing data from excel
  • Importing data from SAS
  • Accessing database
  • Saving in R data
  • Loading R data objects
  • Writing to files

Manipulating Data

  • Selecting rows/observations
  • Selecting columns/fields
  • Merging data
  • Relabelling the column names
  • Converting variable types
  • Data sorting
  • Data aggregation

Using functions in R

  • Commonly used Mathematical Functions
  • Commonly used Summary Functions
  • Commonly used String Functions
  • User defined functions
  • local and global variable

R Programming

  • While loop
  • If loop
  • For loop
  • Arithmetic operations

Charts and Plots

  • Box plot
  • Histogram
  • Pareto charts
  • Pie graph
  • Line chart
  • Scatterplot
  • Developing graphs