WebSphere Training in Chennai:

We at besant technologies provides best WebSphere training in Chennai, our WebSphere trainers are well experienced in IT industry. We have 2+ dedicated trainers available to provide a seamless training session to our students with flexible timing’s. WebSphere comes from the IBM product line and it is fully based on Java tools. It is used to create and manages with the good knowledge to business websites in a easiest manner. Web sphere Application Server (WAS), is a central websphere tool and it is an application server with which user can able to connect website users along with the applications of Java and also with servlets. We hold the pride of No.1 WebSphere training institute in Chennai and we have crafted the WebSphere training syllabus for both newbie and experienced person. We are best WebSphere training in institute in Chennai and we have placed more than 2850+ students in various top IT companies.

Java programs are called as servlets which runs on the server, other than the user’s computer as Java applets do. Traditional common gateway interface (CGI) scripts can be replaced by developing servlets. Usually it is written in c or reporting language and it can run much faster because all requests of users runs on the same process.

Apart from Java services, websphere also supports Open Standard Interfaces (OSI) such as Java Database Connectivity and also common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA).And it is designed to perform across different operating systems platforms. One edition is provided for small-to-medium size businesses and next edition for larger businesses with a huge number of transactions.

WebSphere also included with Studio, an environment of developer’s and also with additional components which allow a pages of websites that is to be created and managed. Some operating systems like Solaris, Windows NT, OS/2, OS/390, and AIX are supported by both the editions. Websphere also has a copy of apache server that will help developers to test the web pages and java applications immediately. Walk in immediately and register for free demo class in our branches Velachery, OMR and Tambaram.

WebSphere Training Syllabus:


  • The WebSphere family
  • Various WAS editions
  • The J2EE Platform
  • What is new in WAS 7.0

Architecture, Component, Installation & Configuration

  • Understanding of Server profiles
  • Base Server architecture and components
  • WAS ND architecture and components
  • Installation of WAS ND – GUI & Silent
  • Manage Profiles
  • Cells, Nodes, Clusters
  • Topologies for best practices

Administrative Console

  • Where the console resides
  • Navigating the GUI Configure
  • Application server
  • Install & Configure Web Server
  • Web server plug-in
  • Single cell configurations

Server Environments

  • Single cell configurations
  • Multiple cell configurations
  • Multiple cell configurations
  • Mixed node versions in a cell

Deploying and configuring Enterprise applications

  • Overview of Enterprise application
  • Deploying and configuring Enterprise applications
  • Setting up resources
  • Application server properties
  • Web container properties
  • EJB container properties

Distributed Servers and Repositories

  • Network deployment(WAS-ND)
  • Creating cells
  • Federating nodes
  • Configuration repositories
  • Repository: Cell, Nodes, Servers
  • Repository: deployment manager
  • Job manager
  • Administrative agent
  • Managing remote Web servers

Clusters and Topologies

  • Creating clusters
  • Replication
  • Adding servers to clusters
  • Cluster management
  • Network dispatcher
  • Vertical scaling
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Multi clustering

Administering Security

  • Global Security overview
  • Administrative security
  • Configuring User registries and repositories
  • Custom registry security
  • Local OS Level security
  • File-based Federated Repository
  • Mapping roles to users and groups
  • Application security
  • SSL administration

Troubleshooting and Monitoring

  • Performance Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Tivoli Performance Viewer (TPV)
  • Performance monitoring Servlet
  • Console messages
  • Trace facility
  • Log analyzer

Scripting Tools

  • Bean Scripting Framework
  • Mbeans
  • wsadmin
  • Jacl scripting
  • Configuring wsadmin
  • wsadmin objects
  • Advanced wsadmin