Teradata Training in Chennai:

Learn Teradata training in Chennai from the working experts in Chennai. The training syllabus was designed with a complete package of theoretical and practical sessions. Teradata is nothing but a computer corporation located in US. They are fully into selling database software for IT companies in India. In general Teradata is used for data warehousing and analytic applications. It is very common that companies are expected to save their data which is about five to seven years of history. An efficient database is in demand to store and retrieve these datum. This is the reason lot of projects are getting migrated from oracle to Teradata. It show’s in the profit of Teradata in NASDAQ stock Market in 2005. Teradata is now led by Mike Koehler who is the former senior vice president of NCR. Teradata allows separate memory for each server node. It enhances the performance compared to any other architecture. Besant Technology provides you job training on Teradata with cent percent job assurance. Our trainers are basically from leading IT companies like TCS, CTS, Verizon, IBM, Infosys and more.

We hold the No. 1 Teradata training institute in Chennai for the professionally crafted syllabus from industry work professional guidance. Thus we provide best Teradata training in Chennai branches Velachery, OMR and in Tambaram.

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Teradata Training Syllabus


  • Architecture
  • Comparative Study between Teradata an Other RDBMS
  • Database Components and function
  • Parallel Architecture and processing the table
  • Factor affecting data storage and distribution
  • RDBMS & Normalization { 1st – 3rd Normal form }
  • Data-warehouse Concepts { Surrogate Keys , SCD etc}
  • Administrative tools


  • Data Dictionary
  • Primary keys, Foreign keys, Primary Indexes, and Secondary Indexes in a Teradata system
  • Advance SQL
  • SQL Performance Tuning

Teradata Application Utilities

  • BTEQ (Export/Import), FastExport, FastLoad, MultiLoad and Tpump for batch processing
  • Internal working of above utilities
  • Using utilities – Choose above utilities when and why
  • TPT and its advantage over traditional utilities like FastLoad, MultiLoad etc.