Node JS Training in Chennai:

Learn Node JS training in Chennai from the expert in web development and cloud application development. For Node JS training, we have exclusive trainers available in flexible timing. Our Node JS trainers are specialized in web development and working as web developer in top MNC’s in Chennai. We hold the pride of placing more than 7500+ web development students and launched dedicated portal for students to provide a Job assistance. We are the best Node JS training institute in Chennai Velachery, OMR and Tambram branches.

There are dramatic changes happens in web development and Javascript development face ends the Java applets and Flash environment. So it’s time to learn the best Node JS training in Chennai. Node JS is a runtime javascript system used or creating server side application. Node JS is built on chrome javascript, it ultimately lightweight and efficient to use. It was created to solve the problem in Input and Output scaling problem. At the end of this course, you will learn how to implement it in in-house web development project.

We are the No.1 Node JS training institute in Chennai for unparalleled designed syllabus for both newbie and experienced professional. If you looking to print your foot step in web development industry, specifically on server side web application development, just walk in to our training branches in Chennai to know more information about our Node JS training in Chennai location.

Node JS Training Syllabus:

  • Overview on web development face.
  • Introduction to Node JS
  • How to setup and invoke Node JS in real time projects.
  • Working with SQL
  • Working with Mongo DB
  • Connecting database with Node JS
  • Know about Node JS modules
  • Know about Built in Node JS modules
  • Node JS NPM
  • Node JS Event, FIle upload and mailing.