Mainframe Developer Training In Chennai:

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A mainframe is a very high or ultra level performer computer used for high-volume, processor-intensive computing level. This mainframe is used by those who does large business and also used for scientific purposes. We can find that this type of large mainframes cannot be seen at any households for usage. In hierarchy, Supercomputers is the most powerful computers when compared to mainframe which sits next to the super computer, in the world. Mainframes are very fast to execute multiple process at a time with high speed and gives an accurate result. Supercomputers are designed for a single process. Currently, IBM and Unisys are the largest manufacturers of mainframes. At the end of this mainframe developer training in chennai, you will become expert in Mainframe programs and able to kick start your career at high phase.

Let us see some main modules which are associated with mainframes. We hold the No. 1 mainframe developer training institute in Chennai for the professionally crafted syllabus from industry work professional guidance. Thus we provide best mainframe developer training in Chennai branches Velachery, OMR and in Tambaram.

CICS(Customer Information Control System) is an online transaction processing (OLTP) program. It is provided by IBM and acts as a combination of cobol language which together helps customers for easy online transaction processing. COBOL/CICS which are called as legacy applications are still used in a large numbers in the world. Here we have a usage called application programming interface which is provided by CICS, a program is written by a programmer which acts as an intermediator to communicate with online users and read or write information to customer or other records like customer data ,orders, inventory figures in a database using the facility of CICS rather than using IBM’s access methods directly. CICS also ensures the completion of successful transaction, if not, undo partly completed transactions so that data integrity will not get missed.

COBOL(Common business oriented language) was designed and used for finance accounting, human resources and for other business computer programs. COBOL uses very simple English words to build a code and can be easily understand by business people. The language was dependent on Rear Admiral Grace Hopper’s in 1940s work on the FLOW-MATIC programming language, which was a big text-based. Hopper is the man who worked as a technical consultant on the FLOW-MATIC project, is sometimes called as the “grandmother of COBOL.”We have heard that the language is widely seen as outdated, more lines of code in active that are written in COBOL than any other programming languages today.

As there are lack of Cobol programmers, Cobol application codes are getting replaced by advanced modern programming languages like java ,c, c++, python ruby etc…As we can see the reason that, the number of lines of code will be less used in other modern application compared to Cobol application.
DB2 is a database and developed by IBM. DB2 is used to store, fetch and analyze the data with efficient manner and also used to check the data integrity. DB2 product is enhanced with the features of object oriented and non-relational structures with XML.DB2 acts as an intermediator between the cobol application language and cics program.

DB2 comes under relational database management system.IBM also offers DB2 for a cross-platform spectrum which includes UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, Sun Solaris etc. With the help of Microsoft’s Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface, the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) interface, or a CORBA interface broker,DB2 can be accessed from any programming application.