CSS Training in Chennai:

CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ) is a language which is used to improve presentation of web pages. Learn CSS training in Chennai from the experts in web development industry. We have dedicated full time trainers available for CSS training in Chennai locations to provide you flexible training session at your convenient timings. Our trainers are well experienced working professional and we provide best in class CSS training in Chennai. We hold the No. 1 CSS training institute in Chennai for the professionally crafted syllabus from industry work professional guidance. Thus we provide best CSS training in Chennai branches Velachery, OMR and in Tambaram. We are the best CSS training institute in Chennai and we hold the pride of placing more than 6500+ students in top MNC’s.

The help of CSS you can design both static and dynamic web pages, without CSS you can design user experience friendly website anymore. CSS used to change color schema, font schema, style schema and even layout schema of web pages. There are three types of CSS,

Inline CSS – Inline CSS are present inside and directly written in HTML file. So every time HTML files called CSS will also get executed in browser.

Internal CSS – CSS are present as link and hosted in own server where our web page is present and it will be linked in HTML file and executed in browser.

External CSS – We can also use CSS which written by third party into our HTML file to improve our web page presentation. Those are hosted in third party server and it will be linked in HTML file and executed in browsers.

CSS Training Syllabus:

 CSS Overview & Introduction

  • CSS syntax
  • How to use CSS in HTML file
  • How to call CSS in HTML file

Types of CSS

  • Inline CSS and how to implement in HTML
  • Internal CSS and how to implement in HTML
  • External CSS and how to implement in HTML

Inheritance and Cascading Order

  • Inheritance
  • Conflicting Styles
  • Specificity

Formatting Text and Fonts

  • Font Families
  • Font Size
  • Kerning, Leading, and Indenting

Formatting Colors and Backgrounds

  • The Color Attribute
  • The Background Attribute
  • Background Colors and Images

Exploring CSS Class and ID Attributes

  • Defining The CSS Class Attribute
  • Defining The CSS ID Attribute

Create Your Own HTML Tags

  • HTML Span and DIV Tags
  • Creating Block-Level HTML Tags
  • Creating Inline HTML Tags

Positioning Block-Level Elements

  • Relative and Absolute Positioning
  • Formatting The Block-Level Box Model
  • Element Visibility Controls

Introducing The Document Object Model (DOM)

  • Versions Of The Document Object Model
  • Detecting The DOM Version With Java Script
  • Java Script and The DOM

CSS Responsive design pattern

  • Overview on media queries
  • RWD viewport & Grid view
  • RWD framework